Do Hard Things

Do you ever wonder why there are only a small percentage of millionares? Or a small percentage of supermodels? Or of body builders? Or truly great musicians? Or truly great scientists? I mean, you can find someone with a "million dollar idea" on every corner of America. Thousands of model worthy faces walk around unnoticed... Continue Reading →


To be or not to be…. patient

Have you heard of that experiment done on kids? I'm not talking about some lab rat type thing but a test. With marshmallows. If you haven't allow me to fill you in, and if you have, indulge me momentarily whist I bring our other friends up to speed lol Okay. So, the adult will have... Continue Reading →

The First Step..

Pride: a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements (Google dictionary) Growing up my parents always told me "do a good job, your work has your name on it." And being the very imaginative child I was, I began to mentally see my name being spelled out on everything I did.... Continue Reading →

Here I Go

Blogging has never been an idea of mine. I've read plenty of blogs ofcourse and enjoyed them all. I've learned everything's from "how to make banana bread" to "helpful budgeting tips" to "practical Christianity." I love blogs. I just never thought I'd be writing one. Call me Joy. I'm a writer. Well, I want to... Continue Reading →

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